John Vosseller is on the cutting edge of research regarding flexibility and the body’s fascia, or internal connective tissue supporting and connecting layers of muscle and playing a critical role in a person’s range of motion. 

“Flexibility and mobility are an often overlooked component of fitness. Most people focus on cardio, weight training, or nutrition, but they tend to forget about flexibility, and when you forget about flexibility, injuries are going to occur.”

He speaks from experience. Vosseller, an avid surfer very much into health and fitness growing up, has undergone six surgeries, including four on his shoulder. His experience led him to seek a more comprehensive approach to wellness.

Vosseller’s focus early in his career was as a certified personal trainer. That was before the Texas A&M graduate secured his certification as a facial stretch therapist from the Stretch to Win Institute near Phoenix. As a fascial stretch therapist, his clients ranged from office workers to professional athletes.

At the VEBA Resource Center in Mission Valley, Vosseller works with VEBA members on everything from personalized training programs to stretching exercises to the MyoMetrix regimen.

“It’s an exciting opportunity to be in a place like this because we offer a lot of services, and a lot of our members weren’t aware that these services existed. When they come in and see what we have, they become pretty motivated.”

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