A nutritionist, mobility coach and personal trainer, Janelle Fischer helped develop the extensive services available at the VEBA Resource Center in Mission Valley. She couldn’t be happier with the results.

“We’re giving people a path to change their life. If you can get someone started, they’re going to take it from there.”

The North Dakota native has been inspired to make changes of her own during her life. Long into health and fitness, it was only after she recovered from melanoma as a young woman that her lifestyle really began to change. She met with a holistic doctor who changed her approach to focus on what was inside her body, sparking a journey that would lead to Fischer becoming a certified nutritionist. “I teach people how to eat a healthier version of what they were eating before,” she said.

She couples that with a focus on fitness. 

“Most of the people who come to us have never worked out in their life, or they haven’t worked out in years. You know, a lot of people don’t like to go to the gym or they feel intimidated when they get there. We get them in the habit of working out.”

That involves VEBA’s MyoMetrix regimen, a 30-minute workout that includes a warmup session, high-intensity training, and a recovery period, all imbued with stress relief.

“We’ve seen so many people make changes. It’s very rewarding.”

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